Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Next Phase....IVF

The meeting with the baby doctor went really well and we have decided to move forward.  So far everything is falling into place like it's meant to be.  We are meant to try again.  We are having to make decisions pretty quickly.  Like, putting me on her insurance because her plan has a little bit of fertility coverage where I have none.  Will we use her eggs or donor eggs?  Go for one last try or pay more for multiple tries?  There is still so much to work out and so many tests that need to be run, but we both feel better about things this time.  Our eyes are more open this time and we know and are not under the delusion that a baby is guaranteed.  We just plan on being as aggressive as we can be...make the best decisions we can make and hope for the best.  Of course money will factor into these decisions.  But we plan on being as aggressive financially as we can be as well.  At the end of it all we can walk away no matter what the outcome knowing we did everything we could with no regrets.  The best thing is we are prepared for the outcome no matter what it is. 

Life is going to be a roller coaster again for the next 6 months to a year but we're ready for the ride.