Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's me again...

Yes, I'm still here. I haven't blogged in a long time. Not even in the other blog I started. Not that anyone follows that one anyway. There isn't anyone sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for an update about my life. So, I figured I'd bother all of you :)

Let's see... K and I are doing good. Now, we're doing good. I have to admit it was a little rough for a second. It's hard to got through everything we've been through and not come to a bump or two but we're ok. We always know we're going to be ok. That is the beauty of us and our relationship. We are so strong and we learn from our experiences good and bad to make our relationship stronger.

K accepted a full time position at the airport (where she's been working part time for the last 9 years) so she is technically not "unemployed" anymore. Not that she was ever really unemployed since she has only lost 1 of her 2 jobs. But she's happy.

We were in Chicago this past weekend visiting family. That was nice. We'll be in Florida (St. Petersberg) for a wedding this weekend. When we get back I'm hoping things slow down a bit and we won't be so busy.

Oh, I have some news.... My baby Bear is such a good boy. He is usually in a kennel when we're not home. I know this bothers me much more then it bothers him, but last night I gated him with Cubby to the kitchen/dining room and he was so good. Didn't chew anything. I'm testing the waters again today and he was left out. Of course these rooms are totally "puppy proofed" but I'm hoping he doesn't try to find something to get into and destroy.

That's about it. I hope everything is going well out there in blogland. I'm still reading and following all of your journey's out there so know even though it looks like I'm not around I'm still here.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Checking in

Things have been a little better but it got worse before it got better for a minute. When K called her Grandma to say Happy Easter she found out her cousin's wife is pregnant with baby 2. She is just over 3 months. We would have been just a head of her if we didn't miscarry. That really hit her hard. The loss overwhelmed her again. She is really trying to be positive and live a happy life.

I walked into a table today. I know. I know. How in the heck could someone walk into a table???? Well, I always find a way to do that dumb stuff. So not only will my shins be bruised, but I looked like a bit of an ass.

Saturday night we're meeting some friends out. Not a single one knows we were TTC so I don't have to answer a single question about it. Not a single one of them are TTC so I don't have to hear about it. I think it will be a wonderful, fun, getaway for the night.

I hope everyone is well.

Friday, April 2, 2010


Things have been pretty blah. That's the only word that comes to mind.

I cleaned up the lists of blogs I follow and moved a ton over to the pregnant/family list. I think I even still have 1 to move. I can't believe how many have gotten pregnant. Even though I would never want anyone to be in my shoes and I am genuinely happy for all of you.... it hurts. I can't lie. K is so depressed. I hate seeing her like this. It's hard for me to be sad and morn this time for me because I need to be there for her.

I've started journaling in a new place. It's just for me to vent that nobody knows about. I wanted the new writing to be something for me to help me start a new. Capture the journey to a better life without children but all it's been so far is a place for me to complain about everything & say the things that I wouldn't say anywhere else.

I also had a death in the family this week. My Mother's Aunt. I wasn't close to her, but now I'll be missing work (both jobs) and having to attend a very sad service. Oh, and my parents will be coming in to town and staying with me. Because this Aunt happened to live here in Minnesota. Go figure.

Oh I turn 40 next month. I really hope things are a little better by then because I really hate birthdays and I'm really hating this one coming up and it would really suck to be in this BLAH place for that event.