Friday, November 1, 2013

Moving Forward....Finally

Mentioning in a previous post that we had decided to do IVF but with donor egg.  The success rate is much higher with both of being 40, or a little older :-(   

Last week I finally got the call.  After 8 months of being on a wait list I was called and told that I finally have a donor.  Now that we have accepted that donor we are now picking our male donor and getting all the paperwork in place. 

I'm expecting our first IVF to be January. 

This has been such a long journey so far.  Not that the journey is over by any means.  It is just starting up again.  But after everything I went through with surgeries and IUI and Kathy's numerous IUI tries just to end that phase with a miscarriage.  And then the last few years where I hit rock bottom and then started the healing process to prepare myself for now phase 2 of our journey. 

Not only did I receive a call about having a donor and being able to start IVF...Kathy and I got legally married  a few weeks ago and that same week I got a small promotion at work and I'm now working in a new group at work.  This is a lot of changes in a span of a few weeks. 

No matter what happens all of this has been a long time coming and I'm looking forward to the ride. :)

More to come....