Monday, August 24, 2009


This is Day 1 of your TWW.

Insems went well Saturday and Sunday. Our Donor had low numbers Saturday. Only 8 million and only 13 million on Sunday. Not great, but I guess not the worst.

Our RE has a new plan if this one doesn't take. We'll be doing a Day 1 or Day 2 baseline u/s and starting meds on Day 2. He wants us to do a combination of clomid & injectibles. I love that our RE is always trying something different. Always a bit more aggressive. But like we told the nurse...This one is going to take so we won't need it. :-)

The blood test is September 4th so I'm hoping for good news for the holiday weekend. K's birthday is Wednesday (the 26th) this would be the best present.

Keep your fingers crossed everyone. Talk to you all soon.


  1. Don't worry about those numbers - it only takes one to meet the egg! Good luck ladies, I hope this tww flies right by!

  2. Agreed with 2moms....just takes one to make it work. Hang in there!

  3. Fingers crossed for you two, and happy birthday early to K.

    I'm proof that lower numbers don't equal lower success necessarily... I did one insem with 7.8 million motile, and all is well.

  4. The doc told us they had a couple get their money back because of low counts and almost 0% motility. That IUI also ended up working. Go figure.

    My fingers are crossed for you girls!

  5. Good luck - we have everything crossed for you, what a wonderful birthday present that would be!

  6. those numbers are actually pretty good! anything above 5M is good, and anything above 10M is GREAT. There's definitely enough in there to knock y'all up. :) And now, we will keep our fingers crossed that this try is a success. i know it gets harder and harder to hold onto hope after a while, but we are all here to hold hope for you, when it gets hard. :)

  7. I am along for the count down... this is going to be great!!!

  8. That's 21 million total, so I think that's great!
    However, you SHOULD be able to get your money back on the 8 million (well depending on what bank you used). You should try it at least.
    Hope this is it!

  9. Happy belated birthday, K! I have my fingers crossed for you two that this is the ONE! Good luck getting through the 2ww