Monday, September 21, 2009


Both insem's went well. Donor numbers were much better this cycle. Day 1 there were over 25 million and Day 2 was over 21 million.

Our TWW so far has been uneventful. We're not stressing or dwelling over anything.

The RE said that if this one doesn't work he wants us to go one more cycle and if that one also doesn't work he wants to have a consultation. We weren't told more then that. We've talked and we know what direction we will want to go, but there is no sense in concentrating on that because I'm really hoping that it won't go that far and this will be our cycle.

Even though we aren't getting all excited and talking baby names or what the baby room will look like that doesn't mean we aren't still really hoping for the best. It is purely self preservation mode at this point.

We'll test at home Tuesday the 29th and the blood test is Wednesday the 30th. It is out of our hands at this point and just praying alot.

I hope all is well out there in blogland. Talk to you again in a little over a week.


  1. I hope that this is THE CYCLE. Lots of good wishes.

  2. fingers are crossed for you! we are joining the injectable bandwagon with you next month. would love to know how the drugs are effecting K.

  3. Those are fantastic numbers! I'm thinking of you this week!

  4. Go for it! Great spermies plus great mommies = cute baby! Fingers crossed!

  5. Fingers and toes are crossed!! Hope this TWW goes by quickly.

  6. Great numbers! My fingers are crossed for you ladies--hoping this is the one.