Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baby Update

Yesterday was 13weeks 2days. I had my first OB appointment and ultrasound.

The BABIES are doing GREAT! They are active and moving constantly. Their little arms and legs are moving and they are flipping around like little performers.

Twin A is on the left head down. Twin B is on the right head up. They are measuring bigger then normal. Twin A measured at 14weeks and Twin B measured at 13weeks 5days.

I previously posted about my bad experience at my OB office when I went to see them at 5 weeks because of some issues I was having. So, I went into this appointment a bit on edge and cautious. I'm happy to say the Nurse practitioner I saw redeemed some of the ill will I had from that last appointment. She was really good. I left with everything spelled out and my entire treatment plan set.

I really needed this appointment and ultrasound.  I really needed to see the babies, see they are doing well and that all the sick days and exhaustion is actually for something. 

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