Tuesday, February 3, 2015

IVF #4

Friday is IVF #4. I haven't really posting and actually I haven't really told anyone about this try. I just don't want to hear people's fake optimism. Or have to tell people if it worked. Because if it doesn't work the worst thing is having to say a dozen times "It didn't take". Things look good overall for this try. We feel pretty good about this try.
There is a new development in our life that I will document here. K and I are in the process of fostering to adopt a 7 year old little girl. Her Mother is a drug addict who broke this little girl. She has abandonment issues and has outburst and temper tantrums. We know this will be a challenge but we have committed to helping her not matter what so we have been preparing ourselves for the worst. And with how slow the state and county moves with this kind of thing we have had plenty of time to think.

Wish me luck!!  Send tons of baby vibes my way.


  1. Wowee!!! You are busy!! Good luck with the IVF and with your new little charge! Tons and tons of baby dust coming your way!!!

  2. Good luck! Will be thinking about you tomorrow.