Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It has to get better.

The best thing that happened to me the last 2 days was starting my clomid. Taking those 2 little pills tells me I'm finally starting Try #2. I know the fertility drugs can cause side effects and our emotions to go nuts, but I don't seem to mind. At least not yet.

Yesterday I fought the traffic and crowds to run a few errands. When I got home and I was backing into the garage and the car slid and I hit the side mirror into the garage. Broke the mirror and put a huge scratch in the back of my car. This morning my alarm clock didn't go off and I was woken by up the puppies at 7:53am. I start work at 8:00am. What a great start to my day. ha! ha! ha!

Tonight I have to pack because tomorrow we drive to the Chicago area. When I say WE I mean me, my DP, her Mother, and the 2 dogs. We are driving an SUV, but it will be interesting. This will be the first road trip where the dogs didn't have the whole back to themselves. They will be sharing with me. I'm actually going to my DP's families for Christmas Eve this year. First time in 7 years. I hope it goes well.

I'll check in again before the New Year. I should be inseminating on the 31st. No drinks for me, but I'll live. :)

Have a great Christmas everyone.

It just got a little better. A friend just stopped by with her twins just born about 4 weeks ago. I think the babies gave me some good luck. :) Well, I can hope anyway.

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  1. hi! thanks for your comment on my blog!

    im looking forward to following your journey. hope your stay in ttc-ville is brief :)