Monday, December 29, 2008

So Far So Good

Had my ultrasound this morning. Even with the increase in clomid I still only have 2 follicles on the right. The left tube is closed so even though there is also 2 follicles on the left they aren't going to do me much good. They are smaller at this time then they were last cycle. I guess that isn't a bad thing since I won't be inseminating until Friday. They've got time to grow. I start the Menopur tonight. I've only given myself 1 shot before and it kinda freaked me out a bit. Now that I have to do back to back shots I think I'll be getting better at it, but I just know it will still freak me out a bit. I just hope I don't surge early and this cycle turn out to be a bust.

Christmas turned out to be good except the weather. Chicago got thunder storms Friday night that melted all the snow that caused flooding. I spent Saturday with a shop vac getting water out of my parents house. Crazy. Glad I was there. They were already driving to Minnesota to spend this week at my house. I was just leaving the next day because K was still with her family. If I wasn't there, they would have had standing water in their house for the entire week. Ruining newing flooring, carpeting, etc. Would have been a much bigger mess.

My parents and 16 year old niece are in town this week. K's Mom was in town last week then we traveled for Christmas and now to have company again. I'm glad I get to spend time with my parents, but I'm looking forward to it being just K & I and we can get our lives back to normal.

Hope all of my blogger friends had a good Christmas.


  1. 2 follies is great!

    good luck with the menopur tonight. i'll leave you a couple of hints (unsolicited, i know), because i had a hard time with this drug at first -

    1. you dont have to use all of the liquid when mixing. i think the liquid vial has 2ccs? the powder will dissolve in a tiny amount of the liquid. with my RE's blessing, i stepped down to only half the liquid (1cc), then a quarter (.5cc), and everything still worked perfectly. plus, there wasn't as much to inject which makes it much easier.

    2. after you get the needle in, make sure you've pushed it in as far as possible before you start injecting the meds. if it isn't in far enough, you can get a "bee sting" type reaction under the skin. it's okay medically, it will still get to where it needs to go, but it really stings in the process!

    these two hints made menopur *much* easier for me (after a crappy first injection).

    ok, enough from me. good luck w/your insem fri!

  2. The shots are only scary till its over :) May you never become an expert!!!

    Thanks for reading my blog!! I've got you added to my Google Reader now so that I can stalk you too!!


  3. I have to agree that thinking about getting the injections is much worse than actually getting them! They are quick and the needles are tiny. Good luck! I hope this is the cycle when your dreams come true.

  4. Nice to meet you! We have two little rescue dogs too (yours are adorable!)

    I hope your TTC journey is short. I've added you to my blogroll.

  5. Good luck with the shots and the insem! I will be thinking positive thoughts and sending them your way!


  6. Traipsed over here after your comment. ;-) (thanks for that, btw. Though hey, the containers aren't always that big -- that was for a two week tank. in the past, we'd gotten one week tanks, and they were much smaller, and came in a handy cardboard box instead of that monstrosity.)

    I hope your u/s goes well tomorrow and shows that all things are a go for this cycle. Fingers crossed.

  7. Good luck and happy new year!