Thursday, January 24, 2013

Now I wait

Things have slowed down.  We have an appt with the Doctor's Office counselor to get approved to use donor.  I guess they want to make sure I'm not crazy.  :)  Little do they know...ha ha ha

The office called and wants to push the diagnostic testing out to March or April so we don't risk too much time passing between the tests and the IVF procedure where they would require more current results. 

So for now I wait.  And while I'm waiting I'm spending 3 evenings a week in the gym with a trainer.  I had to pull out the bin with the clothes I packed away when I grew out of them and was able to pull out a few pairs of pants and a few blouses.  Some of my current pants are so baggie I look ridiculous.  But it feels good to see such results.

I'm becoming that girl I used to hate....The "I'll have an english muffin no butter" kind of girl.  But when you know 1 pat of butter is 100 calories and you work so hard to burn off a 100 calories you start to prioritize better.

Saturday is our anniversary.  17 years from the day we met.  We're going to start our day in a spin class.  Neither one of us has ever done one before.  But you can burn 600 calories in that hour and I'll need those extra calories to make up for the drinks I'm going to have when we go out to dinner that night.

Life is good at the moment.  A couple years ago I didn't know if I would actually say those words again. 

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