Friday, January 11, 2013

IVF Seminar

The IVF Seminar didn't really tell me much that I already didn't know.  Now it's all up to me to get it all started....make all the necessary appointments....make all the phone the funds...etc. 

There were so many people at this thing last night.  The place was packed! I think only one other lesbian couple. 

I'm starting to make my list of all the things I need to set up and/or accomplish by the end of this month (which is only a little over two weeks away) for me to feel like we're on schedule with when we want this to happen. 

I feel like I have alot stress these days.  Besides IVF being on my mind, going back into debt to try for a family again, there are changes at work that may or may not be good (only time will tell), and trying to get my body in shape for this process when all I want to do is eat comfort food....It's really alot to deal with.  

In the end what is meant to be will happen and everything will be find.  But one thing I do know is I'm going to tell my trainer to KICK MY BUTT tonight so I work off some of this stress and anxiety.  I think that will help me feel better. :)

Have a great weekend everyone.

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