Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hello all of my dear friends. Well, we did it! 6am this morning K and I got our BFP. Blood test confirmed our results this afternoon.

I want to thank my wonderful friend from Gayby Rabies for the Meds. K responded great to the Gonal-F that neither of us had ever tried before and we believe it was the good luck that topped it all off.

Sorry I haven't written all week. I haven't been able to log in from work and I wanted to so bad tell you all about how K was feeling and all the little symptoms and signs.

I knew you were all pulling for us. It came so clear to me how much our results affect eachother when my friend F from Luckylittle13 called me crying tears of joy from my news. It was the best reaction I could have asked for.

I know you are wondering Beta numbers. Now I don't know much about this stuff, but she tested this morning is was 12 (maybe 13) days past insem and her number was 36. She will test again Monday. She was told anything over 1 is pregnant and anything over 25 is great.

I'm still in shock. I will update you Monday on our next Beta number.

Love you all!

Monday, December 21, 2009


We're 4 days into our 7th TWW. Insem went flawless. Our new donor sample was 31 million strong. K had 3 perfect follies.

No what if's. No negative thoughts. K wouldn't even let the nurse tell us the RE's plan if this cycle didn't work. She says this is it.

We test on the 31st. All positive thoughts this way... :)

Have a great Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Lookin Good!

K's u/s this morning looked great. 3 beautiful follies. 2 are 13.5 and 1 at 14.5. We're right on track for a great cycle.

IRL - Things are still really busy for us. I'm back to working both jobs with no limitations anymore. The good thing is I'm feeling so much better. K's working as much as possible.

We're heading back to Chicago again for Christmas. I tried to find a dog sitter so I didn't have to drag the dogs 400 miles again, but that didn't work out. I'm kinda glad since I'd miss them terribly if they weren't with me.

That's about it for us. We're very positive and hopeful for this cycle.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Clean Ultrasound

K had a clean ultrasound yesterday! :) We are back in business.

Thanks to not just a blog friend but an old friend who is now pregnant with triplets we have enough injectable meds to get through this cycle and the next one if needed. But K believes this is the cycle.

Work has been so busy but in this economy I'd rather be busy.

I hope everyone is well and I'll have more updates later.