Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The next step...

We met with the counselor yesterday.  A requirement when using donor anything.  We were approved and deemed mentally and emotionally fit.  Which thankfully after almost 3 years passing since we last had all those tries that failed, I finally do feel emotionally fit.  So, now it's just a matter of more paper work and getting the donor egg and sperm figured out. 

I'm working out like a mad woman.  I average 8 workouts a week and that's with taking weekends off.  My employer put in a very nice gym and locker rooms for employee use a couple years ago.  I come in very early and get in at least cardio but I also try and fit in abs and other strengthening exercises.  I'm then at my gym 3-4 evenings a week working out.  2-3 of those workouts are with a trainer.  After months of working out I'm finally beginning to love it.  I'm finally starting to feel the change in my body as well as my mind that I'm making the change to needing the workouts and not tolerating them or making myself do them.  When the snow is gone I'll split my morning workouts between the gym and walking the puppies.  They love walks so that will be fun to get back outside with them.  I just want to get my body ready for IVF.  I have some weight to lose.  I'm down 25 pounds and I've seemed to hit a plateau even though I know I'm still toning.  So, even though I've been improving my eating habits little by little I think it's time to become much more strict with that as well.  That and the added workouts should get the body losing again.

That's all I have for an update.  Keep us in your thoughts and I hope all is well in blogland.  :)