Monday, December 2, 2013


All the logistics that goes along with IVF...especially IVF using donor egg is A LOT! Not only do I have to worry about my meds but her meds too. To make sure I was getting the best price I contacted all the pharmacies on the list the doctor's office gave me and asked for quotes on all the meds first. Prices ranged from over $3300 to $2600. So glad I did that because of course I went with the $2600 option.

I started my shots a week ago and I already feel like a pin cushion and I'm only getting one shot a day. Soon it will be 2 and maybe even 3 shots a day. One of them is a huge needle that I just know is going to hurt. But I'm tough. It will be ok.

Everything has been falling into place nicely. We are happy with our egg donor. The financial needs of this process game together without any issues. I've gotten everything done that has needed to be done and we've also picked a sperm donor we are happy with and making that purchase is our last step. K's giving me all the shots and going through all of this with me.

We were so busy the first time we tried with AI that I felt very alone. I love that it's different this time.

I've blogged in the past about all the working out I've been doing the past year a half. Well, with the wedding in October and the promotion that has stopped the last 2 months. It's my goal to get back into the gym very soon. The one thing I didn't fully change when I was working out was eating really healthy. I should have concentrated on that too but I didn't. So, after the first 30 pounds of weight loss I was getting stronger but my weight was just maintaining. I am not totally focused on my eating and the weight is coming off again. I'm within the weight requirement for IVF and I'm not trying to lose weight in an unhealthy way. But I would like to be the best I can be before I get pregnant. If I can be down a few pounds before I start gaining weight with pregnancy I we prefer that.

My first ultrasound is Wednesday. We are now down to only weeks away from our first IVF try....Not months.

More to come.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Moving Forward....Finally

Mentioning in a previous post that we had decided to do IVF but with donor egg.  The success rate is much higher with both of being 40, or a little older :-(   

Last week I finally got the call.  After 8 months of being on a wait list I was called and told that I finally have a donor.  Now that we have accepted that donor we are now picking our male donor and getting all the paperwork in place. 

I'm expecting our first IVF to be January. 

This has been such a long journey so far.  Not that the journey is over by any means.  It is just starting up again.  But after everything I went through with surgeries and IUI and Kathy's numerous IUI tries just to end that phase with a miscarriage.  And then the last few years where I hit rock bottom and then started the healing process to prepare myself for now phase 2 of our journey. 

Not only did I receive a call about having a donor and being able to start IVF...Kathy and I got legally married  a few weeks ago and that same week I got a small promotion at work and I'm now working in a new group at work.  This is a lot of changes in a span of a few weeks. 

No matter what happens all of this has been a long time coming and I'm looking forward to the ride. :)

More to come....

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It's been a long time....

I know it's been a long time since I post.  Not that anyone is waiting.  This blog has always been for me.  But even I feel like I've been away a very long time.

There is finally progress.  I saw the fertility doctor on Friday.  I had a sonogram and trial transfer done and I'm happy to say they went well.  My endometrosis has stayed away this time and he sees no reason to not move forward with IVF.

We've been on the egg donor list since February and they told me last week that we're looking at Sept (October at the latest) to have that donor in place.  (I'm 43...egg donor is the right way to go). 

I was so nervous about the appointment and what the tests were going to say that I was actually sick for 2 days before the appointment.  It was a huge relief to leave there with good news for once. 

The next step is shutting down my cycle for the next 2-3 months.  I had a huge blood clot in 2009 so I can't go on birth control so this is the best thing to do so they can regulate my cycle for IVF.

Now I have to wait again for a little while but I think it will fly by. 

I'm still going to the gym, working out with a trainer and trying so hard to get my body ready for this.  I'm still not where I want to be but all I can do is keep trying.

That's it for now. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Well, I was planning on going in this month for my pre-IVF testing but decided to wait till May.  I'm glad I did because for the first time ever I had the strangest cycle.  I wouldn't of known when to call the office to schedule testing because it kept starting and stopping.  Or it was barely there.  I just hope something isn't wrong with me to put a stop to our plans again.  It would break my heart.  So, fingers crossed next month is normal and the tests go well. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The next step...

We met with the counselor yesterday.  A requirement when using donor anything.  We were approved and deemed mentally and emotionally fit.  Which thankfully after almost 3 years passing since we last had all those tries that failed, I finally do feel emotionally fit.  So, now it's just a matter of more paper work and getting the donor egg and sperm figured out. 

I'm working out like a mad woman.  I average 8 workouts a week and that's with taking weekends off.  My employer put in a very nice gym and locker rooms for employee use a couple years ago.  I come in very early and get in at least cardio but I also try and fit in abs and other strengthening exercises.  I'm then at my gym 3-4 evenings a week working out.  2-3 of those workouts are with a trainer.  After months of working out I'm finally beginning to love it.  I'm finally starting to feel the change in my body as well as my mind that I'm making the change to needing the workouts and not tolerating them or making myself do them.  When the snow is gone I'll split my morning workouts between the gym and walking the puppies.  They love walks so that will be fun to get back outside with them.  I just want to get my body ready for IVF.  I have some weight to lose.  I'm down 25 pounds and I've seemed to hit a plateau even though I know I'm still toning.  So, even though I've been improving my eating habits little by little I think it's time to become much more strict with that as well.  That and the added workouts should get the body losing again.

That's all I have for an update.  Keep us in your thoughts and I hope all is well in blogland.  :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Now I wait

Things have slowed down.  We have an appt with the Doctor's Office counselor to get approved to use donor.  I guess they want to make sure I'm not crazy.  :)  Little do they know...ha ha ha

The office called and wants to push the diagnostic testing out to March or April so we don't risk too much time passing between the tests and the IVF procedure where they would require more current results. 

So for now I wait.  And while I'm waiting I'm spending 3 evenings a week in the gym with a trainer.  I had to pull out the bin with the clothes I packed away when I grew out of them and was able to pull out a few pairs of pants and a few blouses.  Some of my current pants are so baggie I look ridiculous.  But it feels good to see such results.

I'm becoming that girl I used to hate....The "I'll have an english muffin no butter" kind of girl.  But when you know 1 pat of butter is 100 calories and you work so hard to burn off a 100 calories you start to prioritize better.

Saturday is our anniversary.  17 years from the day we met.  We're going to start our day in a spin class.  Neither one of us has ever done one before.  But you can burn 600 calories in that hour and I'll need those extra calories to make up for the drinks I'm going to have when we go out to dinner that night.

Life is good at the moment.  A couple years ago I didn't know if I would actually say those words again. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Moving forward

I've contacted the Doctor's Office regarding my diagnostic testing and a list of questions regarding the process and what I need clarification on.  I've also contacted the financial office for the Doctor's Office with my questions regarding that part of this whole process sending them a copy of my new insurance card.

Because of our age we have decided to move forward with IVF using donor egg and I will carry.  I know that donor egg isn't for everyone, but we feel good about our decision.  We originally thought about using K's eggs and I carry but after running the tests we decided that our best chances for success is donor egg. 

The wait-list right now is roughly 6 months which I've requested today to have us put on that list.  In the meantime I will get all of my testing done as well as continue to get my body ready by getting me as fit and as healthy as possible.

Very exciting.

Friday, January 11, 2013

IVF Seminar

The IVF Seminar didn't really tell me much that I already didn't know.  Now it's all up to me to get it all started....make all the necessary appointments....make all the phone the funds...etc. 

There were so many people at this thing last night.  The place was packed! I think only one other lesbian couple. 

I'm starting to make my list of all the things I need to set up and/or accomplish by the end of this month (which is only a little over two weeks away) for me to feel like we're on schedule with when we want this to happen. 

I feel like I have alot stress these days.  Besides IVF being on my mind, going back into debt to try for a family again, there are changes at work that may or may not be good (only time will tell), and trying to get my body in shape for this process when all I want to do is eat comfort food....It's really alot to deal with.  

In the end what is meant to be will happen and everything will be find.  But one thing I do know is I'm going to tell my trainer to KICK MY BUTT tonight so I work off some of this stress and anxiety.  I think that will help me feel better. :)

Have a great weekend everyone.