Sunday, January 24, 2016

Update on our journey

Life has been hard since losing Ty, Noah and Jaxon. I'm depressed, angry and falling into a deep hole. I'm trying like hell to pull it together and I will but I'm trying to figure out how.

K is slowing doing better. She has had some closure. Some peace. But I haven't. I'm so happy for her and because she is finding strength I know that will help me find strength. We are so bonded and are able to help each other so much that she is the only thing on this earth I'm really sure of. That is my security. My saving grace. The reason I know I won't totally lose it.

We are getting the foster child back and we will be adopting her. This is going to be rough but it is something I know I feel I have to do for her and I think k feels the same way.

Last little bit of news k has decided to do ivf and carry for us. Our first ivf with her is this coming friday. My body failed us twice. I pray she doesn't go through what I did. I love that she is doing this for us. Gives us hope for that dream.

I hope my next post is a bfp.