Monday, December 2, 2013


All the logistics that goes along with IVF...especially IVF using donor egg is A LOT! Not only do I have to worry about my meds but her meds too. To make sure I was getting the best price I contacted all the pharmacies on the list the doctor's office gave me and asked for quotes on all the meds first. Prices ranged from over $3300 to $2600. So glad I did that because of course I went with the $2600 option.

I started my shots a week ago and I already feel like a pin cushion and I'm only getting one shot a day. Soon it will be 2 and maybe even 3 shots a day. One of them is a huge needle that I just know is going to hurt. But I'm tough. It will be ok.

Everything has been falling into place nicely. We are happy with our egg donor. The financial needs of this process game together without any issues. I've gotten everything done that has needed to be done and we've also picked a sperm donor we are happy with and making that purchase is our last step. K's giving me all the shots and going through all of this with me.

We were so busy the first time we tried with AI that I felt very alone. I love that it's different this time.

I've blogged in the past about all the working out I've been doing the past year a half. Well, with the wedding in October and the promotion that has stopped the last 2 months. It's my goal to get back into the gym very soon. The one thing I didn't fully change when I was working out was eating really healthy. I should have concentrated on that too but I didn't. So, after the first 30 pounds of weight loss I was getting stronger but my weight was just maintaining. I am not totally focused on my eating and the weight is coming off again. I'm within the weight requirement for IVF and I'm not trying to lose weight in an unhealthy way. But I would like to be the best I can be before I get pregnant. If I can be down a few pounds before I start gaining weight with pregnancy I we prefer that.

My first ultrasound is Wednesday. We are now down to only weeks away from our first IVF try....Not months.

More to come.