Tuesday, July 20, 2010

All good things.

K started her new job this week. Day 1 was a flight to Chicago for her badge and now day 2 seems to be going well. She already has OT, which we need so that is a good sign of things to come. I really hope she's going to be happy. She has been through so much.

Good news....There is an insurance option that does have Infertility Coverage. It is 50% of Meds up to $5,000 and 50% of Medical procedures up to $10,000. This is all very good. It does open a door to more tries down the road. Of course I'm still worried about money. Worried we won't have the money to try even with the insurance help since we feel like we're out of time age wise. But Like K says, we don't know what the future holds or where we will be in a year. After a very long conversation about all of this I've decided to just go with the flow. I have to stop worrying so much. I have to stop stressing myself out. I trust K more then anything and I know she will always take care of us.

I've decided to change my schedule at job number 2 to Saturday & Sunday only. K will be working nights and weekends which means I will need to be home with the boys at night. I'm going to ask them to schedule me each day 8 to 10 hour shifts so I don't lose hours. I think they will do it.

Otherwise, everything else is good. We purchased all the lillies and haustas to plant in the front of the house in those 2 huge flower beds and one side is done. We'll finish the other side tonight. The patio we are putting in is done down to the last 2 blocks that need to be cut a little to fit. My parents are coming out the first weekend in August and bringing me more haustas and lillies out of their yard that I'll plant in the other flower bed under the living room window. Finally, I will finally love the way the front of my house looks. Doing any of this was the last thing on our minds with everything else that has been going on.

That's the extent of things in my world these days. Pretty boring, but honestly boring is good right now. It at least means nothing bad is happening.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ever Changing Life

Life is funny. As soon as I come to terms with my current situation things change again.

K has decided to accept a position with a new airline. As most of you know she is an Electrician by trade. We spent many "poor years" putting her through school and then getting her through her apprenticeship. Within a year after she got her Journeyman's license there was no work and she officially went "on the bench". Thankfully through all of this she worked for an airline and it kept an income coming in even when there was no work in construction. Since there is no work she has gone back to work full time with the airline. An opportunity came up at an airline she used to work for over 10 years ago in Chicago. It is a cut in pay at first, but in the long run it gives her so much more room for growth. Growth both financially and career. It's scary though. We've taken some big hits. We will definitely spend the next 4-5 years living without. Without all the little things that we have come to enjoy. We are going to have to cut corners.

I'm OK with everything. Surprisingly. I get a bit overwhelmed if I think about it all too much, but I just go back to thinking about all the things I have to be grateful for. I'm grateful we still have 3 jobs in our household. I'm grateful that I have K. I'm grateful she is such a hard worker and she would never let us suffer. I'm grateful for our two beautiful fur babies that give me a reason to get up on the mornings when I just don't feel like I can or want to. I'm grateful that even through job loss, tons of medical bills, debt from many failed TTC attempts, and all the other bills that have hit us we are still able to pay them. I'm grateful to have a wonderful home to go to everyday. I'm grateful that we've gotten all our big home improvement projects done so over the next 4-5 years when we can't afford anything extra I won't have to worry about the house. I'm grateful that at the end of the day I get to fall asleep in the arms of someone who loves me more then life itself.

I have no news regarding TTC. We are still on hold with that. There is that hope that the new company will have some sort of Fertility coverage in their insurance that would open that door for us again, but I'm not counting on it. I just know that I can't let go of TTC until K does. She needs me to be supportive about this even when it looks like it should be over. Even when we know that we don't have the money to move forward and we don't have time on our side. But if your life is anything like mine you know that anything can happen.

We purchased all the haustas and lillies that I want to plant in the flower beds in the front of the house. We should be planting on Sunday. I picked plants that are hardy and low maintenance. I don't want to replant every year and I think the combination will be beautiful. We have the patio almost done in the front of the house. We would have gotten it done on our 3-day weekend if we didn't get rained out Monday. It will look so good when it's all done.

I'm half way through the 4th book in the Twilight series. Yes I love the Twilight books. I haven't seen the new movie yet, but so far the movies just don't compare. When I'm done with this book I'll have to find something else to read. The local library is literally 2 blocks away. Since we are now really officially poor I've decided to finally check out the library so I don't have to buy the books anymore.

That's about it in my world. Good luck to all of you who are still TTC and I'll check again soon.