Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Negative Again

It was another BFN.

The official blood test was yesterday but we tested Sunday morning and knew we weren't pregnant.

Now that K didn't get pregnant they want to do a Saline Sonogram. There are problems with this. First I don't think there is anything wrong with her. They want to look for a polyp that wasn't found when K had the HSG. Wasn't there for 12-15 u/s that have been done during the last 3 cycles. Next, this procedure needs to be done on day 5 or 6 but according to the receptionist she talked to the Doctor is in procedures all next week and isn't available. We will be on some kind of On-Call list. Really???

We don't have time for this. As most of you know who have been following my blog for a while K was laid off this past January. Her insurance is going to end soon. She has maybe 3 months left. So, we have only 3-4 tries left. If we have to miss this cycle because they find a polyp and then miss the next cycle for surgery to remove the polyp then that leaves us with 1-2 tries left.

We have decided that once the insurance is gone and the "baby money" is gone we are stopping. I'm sure we will try to put away money and save what we can so maybe we can try again in the future.

She will go in for her day 3 u/s and she will still start the meds for this cycle. We're going to ask for a clomid/Bravelle combination because clomid doesn't cost so much and then the test will be done. Best case is they find nothing wrong and the cycle continues without problems and we will be able to keep trying for the next 4 months. Worst case is they find something and this cycle gets cancelled and we can't try again until after surgery and we miss at least 2 months.

I truly believe that there isn't going to be anything wrong. Let's hope I'm right.


  1. I really really hope nothing is wrong. But, on the other hand, even with insurance running out soon, if they do find a polyp, having it removed is a best case scenario, because it can be keeping her from getting pregnant. (And they don't show up on normal ultrasounds - at least, that's what my RE told me. only HSGs and saline sonos.)

    I'm so sorry about another negative. Fingers crossed that things improve.

  2. Sorry about the negative. We went 6 tries before finding out I had a polyp and it still hurts to think of all those wasted tries. As much as it did suck to take the test in the long run it will ease your mind to know you aren't just wasting tries. It is hard enough doing this normally i can't imagine the added stress of having a ticking clock along with it.

  3. So sorry! Fingers crossed that everything is perfect.

  4. aw hon, im so sorry about the bfn. sending ya'll big ((hugs)).

    is there a reason your RE suspects K might have a polyp? is it based solely on the bfn (which seems premature since she's only tried twice) or did they see something on one of the ultrasounds that made them suspicious?

  5. SUCK. dammit. I am sorry- and I am really sorry about all of the testing and blah. If I agree with what is said above.. if there IS something.. then it is a good thing they are looking.

  6. I'm sorry about the negative. I hope there is nothing at all to be worried about. hugs

  7. Late to the party as usual but I want to tell you I am so sorry for both the bfn and the new snag. Why can't this just be easy? WHY? Wishing good things for you. xoxo

  8. bummer. Thinking of you both and sending you (((hugs)))