Thursday, June 4, 2009


TTC update: K's U/S went great this morning. One dominate follicle on each side. One 12mm and one 14mm on day 8. A couple more days of shots and then another U/S on Saturday morning. They are predicting that the insem will probably fall on Monday or Tuesday.

Life update: I'm very busy and working all the time. We finally got the stairs re-built going down to the basement. Well, I should say K got the stairs rebuilt. I'm not all that handy. I did however sew a couple buttons on her shorts. :)

That's about it in our world. Hope everyone is doing well.


  1. My IUI is Sunday, so we can freak out together. :)


  2. Eee! Good luck with the IUI next week! So exciting. My fingers are crossed for y'all!

  3. Great news on the scan. Fingers crossed for you two!

  4. Excellent news about the follies. All things crossed for you!!

  5. Looks like we will be closer together than we thought! 1-2 days, I think. Can't to hear how the u/s went!