Friday, May 29, 2009

Here we go again...

The ultrasound this morning went great. No cysts. Ovaries looked calm. She didn't even have to have bloodwork done. Tomorrow starts 150mg of Bravelle for 5 days then another ultrasound next Thursday.

Depending on how her body responds to the Bravelle it might interfer with a trip to Chicago she wants to take next weekend but we're really hoping things will all fall into place so she can still go.

I've been finding it harder & harder to stay positive. To not let the stress and the lack of money get to me. I find myself jealous of my friends IRL who got pregnant on try 1, 2 or 3. Not that I'm not happy for them but it makes me more sad for myself. A girl I know who got pregnant on Try #3 was asked to talk and advise a "friend of a friend" on the process and help her and her partner go in the right direction to start TTC. I was listening to her advise and it was the advise of someone who didn't have problems. It was the advise of someone who assumes the person she's talking to doesn't have any problems. Of course, my response was "give her my number if she wants to talk to someone who's been through hell". I know.... Not everyone has gone through hell, but until you have you just can't relate.

Enough of my complaining. It's not very attractive. :)

Have a great weekend everyone and wish us luck!


  1. I totally agree with you. Unless you've been through it you totally don't understand. I'm worried that I will feel this way my whole life that even when we do have a baby I will be a bitter Betty to those who get it so easily and don't realize how lucky they are. *sigh*

    YAY on the folli scan!

  2. I totally get it. I get so ugly when I hear people talk casually about "trying." Barf. Anyway, happy weekend indeed! xo

  3. I hear you. It's really hard to not feel jealous of those who get pregnant very quickly. It's especially hard when the people who conceive quickly don't realize that so much of this is just luck of the draw and give unsolicited advice to everyone else.

  4. Oh yeah - I get it alright!!
    Glad the ultrasound went well and everything looks good. Bravelle - is that similar to clomid?

  5. aw, innocence. isn't it obnoxious?!
    glad the ultrasound went well. hope the ovaries cooperate and the upcoming insem doesnt interfere with travel plans.

  6. Don't feel bad about complaining. Where else are we allowed to do it? I hope all is going well with the new protocol. I can't wait to hang with you girls!