Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Best Friend Tracie

Everyone...Say Hello to Tracie.

Tracie and I have been the best of friends for over 23 years. We have been through everything together.

We met in high school, we were roommates shortly after high school and even worked together in the same office. We've seen each other through sick parents, break ups, new relationships, new jobs, loss of jobs, and so on. Anyone stuck in the same room with us for more then an hour is stuck listening to "Tracie-Abby Stories" over and over because there are just so many.

Tracie and I live over 400 miles apart and now that there is so much going on (with both of us) it has been very hard to be apart. When I started TTC I was very excited to tell my best friend about it. Most of our conversations over the recent months has been primarily about my TTC efforts. But when I told her (and so many others) about starting TTC I had no idea that I was going to have so many issues. I never thought in a million years that I would need surgery, a tube opened and fertility drugs. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Over the months I have found comfort in talking to all of you...Other TTC'ers. Starting in the message boards and now here. In my blog as well as all of yours. It gives me a comfort that I get more advise then having to answer questions because this situation isn't something that everything knows about or will ever go through. I also like feeling that maybe I can also give some advise or comfort to all of you going through the same thing.

While I've been not really talking about things as often because I do feel like I'm in a holding period right now since I decided to get that tube opened I found out yesterday that my Best Friend feels left out. She feels like our conversations have been replaced by this blog.

I want her to know that nobody has replaced her. That this blog is away for me to be connected to other woman who can understand me during the TTC, but it will never replace the history that her and I have had and the future that is still to come. That it won't take away from me telling her what's going on, but can be a tool for her to keep track of my journey when it gets confusing. I want her to feel comfortable to be here, read what I write and take it for face value.

So, Tracie, I know it's hard being so far apart. I know it sometimes feels like maybe we're not as connected, but over 23 years we've gone through times where we haven't talked alot or didn't spend alot of time together but because of our love and friendship we always come back together like not a single day has passed. That is the beauty of us. No worries.


  1. hi tracie!

    i am fairly new to A's blog, but i am enjoying getting to know your friend little by little.

    i don't know if you comment on A's blog, but if you don't, i wanted to invite you to do so (not that it is my place to invite you since it is not MY blog) because the thoughts and support that you share with A on the blog, given your long relationship, will help us all get to know her. that is how it works :) it can be good to have those who know us well in the mix when we are meeting others. you may not have TTC experience to throw in, but you have experience as a woman and lots of *A* experience.

    i feel very moved by this post... friends are so important!

  2. Hi Tracie! Abby is lucky to have a friend who wants to know more about her journey.