Thursday, January 15, 2009

Random words.....

I don't have any TTC news today, but I feel like I need to check in. I feel like things are at such a stand still that I'm just not going anywhere.

It has already been a crazy year. K getting laid off, deciding to get my tube opened, I have an office trip next month where spouses are invited and YES I'm bringing K. Not everyone knows about me. I'm far from being in the closet, but I don't advertise it either. So, those people who do not know will be in for a bit of a shock soon. Just the other day I was having an innocent conversation with a guy I work with and the conversation when from talking about my second job, to the economy, to lay offs, and I mentioned that "my honey" got laid off. So, when he asked me what "he" did for a living I answered with "she's" an electrician. I freaked him out a bit. He went running to another just worried that he offended me, about how he had no idea, etc. I think this trip will be interesting.

K's been doing well. She's started working out, getting errands done, did a side job last night for a friend. Actually it wasn't even technically a side job. She has done electrical work for these friends alot in the past and has never charged them. Well, they paid her last night. Nice of them because K never would have charged them. I know they really appreciate her.

I went back to work at my second job last night after not being there for a month. It actually felt really good to be back. I'm a Head Cashier at Home Depot for job #2. They have been cutting hours back so much that lately I don't get many Head Cashier shifts. I'm actually just a cashier, but good thing is it pays the same and I have far less responsibilities. YEAH FOR ME! There are only 3 lesbians at Home Depot. At Home Depot I have chosen to remain in the the closet. Of course the other 2 know. I'm really becoming good friends with one of them. I am really looking forward to seeing where this friendship is going. She is such a genuine person.

I haven't been talking to family or friends alot lately. As you can tell by my rant the other day I just need a break. I'm still waiting for my Mother to email me Bill's home address so I can thank him for his sperm offer. What a strange letter have to write. I mean is there an FTD flower arrangement that says "Thanks for the sperm offer" :) I just really feel like I need to acknowledge that it was even said and tell him that it really means alot that he would want to help me with something so important.

AF hasn't arrived yet. But I called the RE's office and found out that this procedure is done between cd 7-10. After AF is gone but before you ovulate. Well, K's going out of town all next week. So, if AF shows up to early the procedure is going to land on a day when she is supposed to be out of town. Of course she wants to be with me. Take care of me. I can't take that way from her. Even though it does seem to be all about me all of this still affects her and the family we are trying to make together. So, I'm hoping AF doesn't show up now until Saturday. That would be ideal.

That's about it. Boring I know. From day to day I think my life is actually pretty boring. I don't have major stories or drama. K & don't have any issues so things are usually going well with us. I'll be all alone next week. Just the puppies and I so maybe I'll check in more so you guys can keep me company. My Blogsphere Family.


  1. I appreciate your post. It sounds so much like me. I am not in the "closet" either but choose not to put my life out there for public consumption. Our blog is our attempt to share but none of our friends have the address.

  2. Hi - thanks for stopping into see my blog today....I'll be thinking about you as you prepare for your tube procedure!

    PS - My parents live in's COOLLLDD! :)

  3. hope the timing w/AF works out so your sweetie can be there to pamper you after the surgery.

    good for you for coming out more fully at work!! i love those "what does your husband" do questions! :)

  4. It does sound like the company trip will be interesting! Be sure to let us know how it goes. I hope everything works out to where K can be there with you after your procedure.