Monday, January 5, 2009

That was easy....

Last week when I decided to open my left blocked tube I've been in a slight panic. I don't know who to call, how to set something like that up. Honestly I've been worried. I had a call into both my RE and my surgeon for a recommendation for this procedure because I just didn't know where to start.

Well, my RE called and they will set that up for me. WHEW! What a relief. Sounds like it will happen soon. The procedure I think is done during AF or right after because I have to call them between day 1 & 3 to set it up. Doesn't matter to me. As long as I get fixed I don't care when they do it. I have heard this procedure can be painful. That could have also been just one person's experience. K actually brought that up when I told her I wanted to open the tube. She said...I heard it's painful. I said....I'm sure no more painful then child birth and if I'm willing to do that then I'm sure this won't be that bad. :)

Even though I'm officially on hold I feel really good about it. I feel like I'm doing the one thing that will greatly increase my chances. Now I know this process is a crap shoot and maybe it won't help, but if I don't try I'll regret it and I never live my life with regrets. I make sure of that.

Plus, I think the time will go by fast. I have a trip planned for work in February and I'll just take this time to exercise more, eat better and start those New Year's Resolutions. :)


  1. surely they'll give you some good drugs for the procedure, no??

    glad to hear it was easy to get the process started. doubling your chances of conceiving has got to be worth the short break!

  2. Good News! Hopefully this is just what you need to make that baby of yours!

  3. Good for you for going ahead with this! Hopefully it won't be too painful and will be just the thing you need to get that baby of yours.

  4. My partner did not actually enjoy the process- lots of pressure and discomfort- but it was over quickly. She was just a little crampy afterward. IF they don't give you many drugs, make sure to take some pain relievers before. All in all, you will be fine.

    Good plan to have it done.

  5. Thank you for the comment on my blog. I know the unblocking may be uncomfortable but it will be worth it in the long run. A year from now, when you are holding your baby, you won't even think of this. Good Luck to you and I look forward to reading more!

  6. Thank you for visiting our blog!

    I hope the surgery successfully opens your left tube. As for the pain, I found the parallel to childbirth quite amusing!

  7. Thanks so much for your sweet and supportive comments and baby duset! I'm happy to hear that your RE's office has been so helpful with the plan to unblock your tube. I hope the process goes well and you can be swiftly back on the ttc train.