Monday, January 19, 2009

Tubal Cannulation....

The Tubal Cannulation has been scheduled. The procedure will be done at 10:30am Tuesday January 27th.

I'm officially on another break from TTC which I don't like. But opening this tube takes away my biggest fertility issue that is left. I've had surgery to remove the endometriosis. My FSH number was great. I had the huge cyst on my right ovary removed. The left tube being blocked is the last issue that I can see, so I have to at least try to fix it. After that is done then it is out of my hands.

K will be out of town this week but will fly home the day before my procedure to take care of me. I'm a big girl. I'll be fine while she's gone. It's just so hard going home knowing she won't be there. I do have the puppies to keep me company and when I'm sad and I want to go to bed at 7pm they are more then happy to curl up with me.

My friend from Home Depot came over Saturday and we had a BLAST. I drank like a rock star which is fitting since we played Guitar Hero for hours. It was so much fun. I don't think I'll drink again for a while and definitely not as much as I did the other night.

That's my news today. Hope all is well with everyone.


  1. january 27 will be here in no time! this seems like a good step, despite the temporary break. heck, you're doubling your chances!! :)

    sorry to hear K will be out of town for the surgery. keep plugged into to the blogsphere during your recovery and we'll send you lots of moral support (and some virtual chicken soup)!!

  2. hi A - glad that things are moving along and you are getting the last TTC obstacle out of the way.
    I know it must be frustrating and also lonely when K is gone, but you will get through it and the doggies will help I am sure.
    Guitar hero sounds fun - I feel like I am missing out on the great electronic crazes these days - don't even have a Wii - do you have one?
    It's fun to let loose and party isn't it?
    Roll on surgery day and I hope it goes well. Do you have someone to drive you home - or will K be back by then?

  3. Thanks so much for the support. It means alot. K will be home in time for the surgery.

    Guitar Hero is so much fun! I do not have a Wii either. Too expensive. I have PlayStation2. You can get one for $80 at Game Stop.

  4. The waiting game sucks but 2 open tubes sounds like a good plan. Hopefully this will be your last delay and you can TTC without undue stress.

  5. Sometimes it just seems to take forever to even get started. That is good news that your surgery is soon though. No point taking all those drugs only to find out the magic egg is on the wrong side.

  6. Hi, A! Thanks for stopping by! I wish you all the best on your journey, and I can't wait to cheer you on! Good luck with the surgery next week.