Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I received a message from my RE yesterday. Not from the RE's office, but actually the doctor himself. I usually don't talk to him at all. I see the Nurses and they carry out the treatment plan that he tells them to. I'm ok with that since I think he has been very aggressive so far and I haven't disagreed with anything he has wanted to do yet. It wouldn't have bothered me if he didn't call and one of the nurses called, but it was nice a nice surprise to hear that he did it himself.

He received the paperwork regarding my procedure and just to hear him say the words "IT WAS SUCCESSFUL" was music to my ears. He also said that we should get started again right away as soon as my cycle starts again. So, I know I've said this before but ladies I need your prayers more then ever. Pray for AF to be late. I know that sounds weird since we are always begging AF to show up, but I just don't want to be out of town when I should be starting the whole process over again.

None TTC updates....
  • Work has been very busy.
  • K's still really sick. The poor baby.
  • Since my Dad was forced into early retirement my parents are obsessed with selling their house and moving to Arizona.
  • Things have been ok money-wise so far since K's been laid off. I'm expecting a good Tax Refund for both of us and I just settled for a small amount of money from a car accident a couple years ago so all of that will help alot toward debt. It will feel really good to just pay off some stuff. It is also really helping that we just aren't spending money like we used to. You don't realize how much you really spend until you think you won't have it to spend anymore and it forces you to really look at it.
  • The puppies are good. They are just such a joy. Bear went to the vet a week or two a go and he has lost 5 pounds since September. Which is a good start. He should really be about 70 lbs and he's tipping the scale around 89 lbs, but he thinks he's 10 lbs and will try to curl up on your lap or in a small space next to you because he just thinks he'll fit. It's just too adorable.
  • Oh, I have a good story for you.... At job #2 the other night I (half kidding) said to one of my cashiers "how do like my ever expanding ass? haha" She replied with "I noticed. I was going to say your butt looks big in those jeans." I couldn't believe it!! I wasn't mad. Shocked. But not mad. Can you believe it? I just wouldn't ever be able to say something like that to someone. She's lucky I can stay calm and not hit her.

That's about it.


  1. I will keep my fingers crossed that AF comes late - maybe her plane will be delayed a bit! I'm glad your surgery went well and all systems are go!

  2. Fingers crossed AF is late! OH and the comment about the jeans - I would have been P*O'ED too!

  3. I completely understand about wanting AF to jive with your schedule. I'll be hoping that it works out for you!

  4. Good luck with AF coming late! It sounds like you received some very good news.

    That's funny about your dog. Mine weighs about the same and is always trying to sit in my lap, too!

  5. Lots of good news from you two. That's great!

    That ass comment is so funny because we do that to each other at my office all the time. We like to call it tough love but it is always a joke, never serious.