Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Seattle Here We Come...

We leave tomorrow for Seattle. It's my department's Annual Meeting. We have 3 projects in the Seattle area so they are flying everyone there for a long weekend just to attend a 4 hour meeting.

Thursday night should be interesting. It is cocktails and an informal dinner with the entire group of 140 and all of the guests. I believe we have 208. Of course K's coming with me. Good thing about where I work is the company is very gay friendly but you never know if the people you work with are also that way. Most of the people I work with are out of state and I only talk to them over the phone. So, there is only a hand full of people that I actually know about K & I. I'm sure I will be the topic of conversation for a little bit Thursday, but once that is over and everyone knows then I'm sure we will be able to just enjoy the weekend.

Friday evening there is a very fancy/formal dinner planned for everyone. Of course open bar again. There is never a shortage of free alcohol to drink at these annual meetings. :) I won't be over indulging too much because of TTC, but a glass of wine won't hurt me. I helped pick out the menu for the entire weekend and the food is going to be so good!

We will still be there Saturday for Valentine's Day. We'll do the whole tourist thing during the day and I've made dinner reservations for Saturday night at a fine dining restaurant at the resort where we are staying. I think it's going to be a really good weekend for us. Quality time together is exactly what we need.

I should be starting Try #2B again as soon as I get back. This last couple of weeks feels like it's gone by so slow.

I won't have Internet access while I'm gone so I won't be checking back again until Monday. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a great Valentine's Day!


  1. hope you have a great trip and the coworkers dont freatk out too much!

  2. I am in Seattle! Sounds like you have a very busy schedule and I know business meetings can suck the life from you but if you would like to say hello, let me know. No preassure of course, I know it is Valentines day too. I would also be happy to give tips on where to go. You can email me at the email tied to this comment if you like.

    Have fun!

  3. Have a great trip! M and I keep saying we want to go visit Seattle, especially since M's cousin now lives out there. Happy Valentine's Day to you two as well!

  4. have fun in seattle! I'll be up there next week for work. :)

  5. wow -your work is cool - we are lucky if we get a free sandwich at lunch meetings!
    What kind of business is it?
    Hope you have fun - doesnt sound like too much work - lots of food and fun!

  6. that wasn't cybersue -its tireegal and my DP's account keeps popping up here!

  7. That sounds like a great weekend! You guys have fun!