Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Good Ultrasound...

Today's u/s looked great. Lining was where they wanted it and everything else still looked great. She already has 2 follicles started (one on each side), which the nurse said is fine and the clomid will just help them along. Thursday is her HSG. Send us all the good vibes you have that everything goes good with that.

If Thursday's HSG looks good the insem should be Monday or Tuesday.

I made sure that K knew of all your well wishes being sent to her during this process. I know she appreciates it just as much as I do and since she's the one going through the process it really helps to know there are people out there who can relate and who only want the best outcome for you.

Talk to you all again by Friday. I hope all is well out there!


  1. Sounds great!I'm sure everything will look perfect on the HSG Thursday.

  2. Those are the 3 words we like to see: "another good ultrasound'! Hope that all goes well with the HSG...I know the wait is hard.

  3. sounds like everything is off to a great start this cycle! wishing you lots of luck on thursday!

  4. sounds perfect so far. I can't wait to hear how the insem goes for you.

  5. All right! looking good in the lady parts neighborhood!!!
    hip hip hooray and good vibes for the HSG!

  6. Wishing you both the absolute best!! HUGS.