Friday, April 3, 2009

So far so good...

First, thank you everyone for all the luck you are sending our way. The appointment went well this morning even though we left still feeling that things are up in the air.

K's cycle only started yesterday so even though we could call today Day 2 it is really more like Day 1 and her lining was still too thick for the RE to really see what he wanted to see. So, we'll be back at the RE's office Monday morning and they said if all looks good we move forward with clomid. We also have her HSG scheduled for April 9th. Good news is we left there with no bad news. Her u/s looked great otherwise. No random cysts, no signs of endometriosis, etc.

My K is being so brave. For some of us having someone in our "lady business" during that time of the month is not pleasant but we deal very well. Actually, I would look forward to it because I knew that meant the process was finally starting and I was moving forward. Well, my K doesn't like it one bit. Poor thing was just traumatized. Well, even through the trauma she is finding the hope & faith that she just might be able to give us the family we really want. See, we're sitting in the car after the appointment. She's still shaking a bit and in the middle of an anxiety attack when she turns to me and says. "If this works we're pulling a Julie & Heidi and having another one back to back. I want our child to have a sibling." Here I'm wondering if she's even going to get through the first IUI or even be able to get pregnant with #1 when she tells me she would get pregnant with a second. She never stops amazing me.

Have a great weekend everyone and I'll talk to you all again Monday afternoon.


  1. Your story about K made me tear up. I love how she is able to be so giving and gracious even under circumstances she finds anxiety-provoking. I am pulling for you guys to have success soon!

  2. no bad news is good news! fingers are crossed for monday. enjoy your weekend ladies

  3. So glad to hear that things are looking up for you guys! I will be back on Monday to hear how things go :O) Have a great weekend!

  4. sounds like great news so far! hope monday's appointment goes swimmingly as well!

  5. K you need a present for that! People messing around with my lady business give me anxiety attacks as well. Plus you are going back again Monday. You know what that means right? Two presents.