Friday, April 10, 2009

Our Luck Has Changed...

K's HSG yesterday looked great. Totally clear. No blocked tubes. No polyps. No cysts.

Today is her last night of clomid and we go in for an u/s tomorrow morning. We could be inseminating as early as Monday or Tuesday.

Can you believe all the good news???? I can't. She can't. K's mood and emotions are all over the place. It is hitting her hard that she has gone from never thinking she would carry EVER to being so close to her first insem and her body being the one that so far looks like it doesn't have any fertility issues. Because we've been through so much we're still cautious and we know that just because it all looks clear doesn't mean she'll get pregnant, but we still can't help but have that hope. My tests and ultrasounds always looked so bad. We're not used to leaving doctor's offices and hospitals with good news.

We still have 1 donor sample left from when I was going to try. We fill out paperwork with the lab tomorrow so we can use that sample for her try. That will save us over $600.

That's our TTC update. Since everything will now be about K I'll just say I'm exhausted. I work all the time and I feel like I'm getting pulled in so many directions. Between 2 jobs, K's doctors appointments and helping around the house I feel like I'm going to fall over some days. Good news is other then being really tired I'm not upset about how things are. My soul purpose is to take care of K. Now, that isn't really any different then before. :) Now, I really know I'm working so hard for a purpose. I still feel like we're a little crazy trying to get pregnant while K's out of work and if she got pregnant right away the baby would be coming when unemployment would be stopping. But we are both such hard workers and I know her unemployment situation is temporary and we both agree that we need to take advantage of her time off because if she was working on a jobsite (electrician) she would not have the flexibility to be doing this. Everything happens for a reason.....

So many thoughts....It can drive a girl crazy.

Hope all is well with all of you. Fingers crossed we have some good follies tomorrow.


  1. Glad that things are looking so great. I totally get what you mean, being exhausted wanting to take care of your potential babymomma. When M was trying back in the day, I wanted everything to be perfect for her. I wouldn't let her near the cat boxes, I did all the cleaning, and I was more on top of the appointments and scheduling than she was.

    Good luck you two!

  2. I am so pleased that everything looks great for K in the fertility department. It does feel a bit scary though when things start to go as planned.

    And, no wonder you are tired. 2 jobs and trying to keep up with the housework. yikes! My house feels overwhelming even with my 1 job.

    Hope the insemination is all smooth sailing.

  3. Crossing my fingers for you guys! I know how big of a change it is to switch from being the carrier to being the provider. I had to do it and I feel it was the best decision. I have a feeling this change will lead you two to your long awaited BFP. Good Luck ladies!!!

  4. Ladies, I'm so glad for you that things are going smoothly for K. You both deserve some good news!

  5. Oh that is such great news! Hopefully you an take a break this weekend from what sounds like a very hectic life to just take it easy. Especially before K goes in for her insemination next week!

  6. I swear I think she is going to be a one hit wonder. How crazy sexy is a preggo electrician!?! Good luck ladies, I have a good feeling about this.

  7. awesome news! i am so hoping your good luck streak continues right through a bfp! cant wait to hear how the u/s goes this morning.

  8. I haven't been paying attention, sorry! I just heard about a doc appt K had to leave for this morning. I was curious so I checked the blog! Wow! We are sending good vibes your way! H & J