Friday, May 8, 2009


Anyone who follows F from Luckylittle13 read that we met for lunch yesterday. And anyone who doesn't follow her should be because she is amazing. I have no idea how to link her in this post (I should learn how to do that) but she is in my blogroll.

It was so nice to sit with someone and be able to talk so freely about something that most people know nothing about. Be able to say something without stopping after every sentence to explain what a word means or what some process is. It was like having the support of this blog in front of my face. I really thought that I would be the one supporting her and being the "listener" because she is going through so much right now and my role has changed in my journey, but I was wrong. I talked just as much as I listened about what I have been through and how it is being on this side of the process and she was sympathetic and warm. At the end of our 2 hour lunch we parted hugging like old friends.

I'm looking forward to watching this new friendship grow. Thanks F.

TTC Update...

K's had her ultrasound yesterday morning. The follies haven't grown as fast as we would have liked. The follies that were 14 & 14.5 were both at 15.5 yesterday morning. We go back again tomorrow (Saturday) morning for another follie check and insem will most likely be Monday. K had a really bad day yesterday. The u/s was a rough one. They were pushing and hurting her a bit. Then had a bad blood draw. Got her allergy shot after that and had a bad reaction which was very painful the rest of the day and to top it off had to get another shot of bravelle. I had to work both jobs yesterday so other then being there at her appointment and giving her the bravelle shot before I ran into Job #2 she was alone yesterday and I feel terrible about that. Sometimes just being able to lay with her head in my lap while I rub her head makes everything all better.

Congratulations to my friends Heidi & Julie!! Their son was born yesterday. Little Leo Daxton Robole 7lbs 8oz. 20 1/2 in. Their family blog is also in my blogroll.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I hope to have a good TTC update on Monday!!


  1. That would have been a day 11 scan, right? I think I'm on the same cycle day as you this time around. 15.5 for day 11 doesn't sound too bad, especially if you have two of them. I've heard that there is sometimes an extra growth spurt towards the very end.

    That's great to hear that you were able to meet with someone in real life to talk about the TTC insanity. There is not a single person IRL who knows we're trying, so it can be very frustrating and isolating at times.

  2. I am so jealous of your lunch. That sounds comepletely lovely... and being able to talk with someone who actually "gets" it.. priceless.

    So sorry for K with her sucktastic day yesterday. Hopefully all this will be for a good reason soon.

  3. This process just involves so much poking and prodding sometimes.

  4. Aw shucks. I think you're da bomb. Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to hear about K's big follies on Monday!

  5. I am so jealous that you actually got together with a blogger IRL. I am isolated in the midwest, but I guess that is my fault. :) I am happy you have a face to face connection with someone that knows exactly what you are going through.

    I hope Monday proves to be the day!!!! Good luck you two...

  6. ouch, poor k, sounds like an awful day! hope tomorrow's scan looks good.
    the lunch sounds wonderful!